Why is carpet cleaning important?

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “my carpet looks fine, and it cleans up ok. I don’t need to find a carpet cleaner near me.”  But what you can’t see is that your carpet slowly becomes saturated with all the effects of life; the detritus from everyday activity and the environment around your house.  Dirt, dust, bacteria, moisture, and things like skin flakes from humans, pets, and pests.
Why is simple vacuuming not 100% effective, to deal with these dirt issues?  Read on for a few reasons why.

You’ll Save Money
There’s no free lunch, and the same goes for carpets.  If you leave clothing dirty and unwashed it will deteriorate faster.  The same goes for carpets; all that grime buildup can harm the lifespan of the carpet fibers, and cleaning with both remove that and strengthen the carpet. (a good carpet cleaner may often use a protectant, after cleaning)
Also, some new carpet companies now offer carpet warranties or carpet guarantees, contingent on the regular cleaning of those carpets (like once a year).

Keep It Looking New
Vacuuming is important, and doing it once per day is actually pretty important when it comes to regular carpet care.  Doing so is the first step in extending the life of your carpet, and a good vacuum will remove the vast majority of dry dust and debris.
However, this isn’t sufficient to get all the way down to the bottom of the carpet, and you will still need to wash it, essentially, to get that fresh new carpet smell and look.

The Smell of Your Carpet Will Improve
Do you have pets?  Easy answer then, you already appreciate this reason.  Odors get trapped in paint (like in a smoker’s house), and also in carpet fibers.  Vacuuming won’t help with this issue, so to remove pet or human smells from carpet, you will want to consider deep carpet cleaning or having your carpets steam cleaned.  And maybe more than cleaning once a year, depending on the size and quantity of your pets.

Reduce the Risk of Allergens
The more dirt you have, the more things will feed of that dirt.  Pests, mites, bugs, bacteria and other microorganisms live everywhere, but less so if there’s nothing to feed on.  Reducing the amount of dirt in your dirty carpets will cut down on pests.  Also, pests shed skin and other particles, which can become airborne because they are so light.   This will have a poor effect on someone’s health, because breathing in this material can worsen some peoples’ allergies.  SO not only will you improve your carpet health, you will improve your own health, and save money on health products as well.

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which carpet cleaning company is the best?

In the grand scheme of things, people generally worry about wasting money on something that doesn’t work, or missing out a product or deal because they don’t have every single piece of information.  In the real world, however, nothing is perfect, so its really best to just make a good decision with the available facts that you have.  And when it comes to carpet cleaning, its a learning process, and its a regular expenditure, so here are some things to consider, so that next time you can be sure to find a professional carpet cleaning company.

Find a solid team of carpet cleaners

A good carpet cleaning agency will have a dependable team of carpet cleaning professionals.  You can gauge the value of a carpet cleaner by the kind of people they hire, the values they instill in their employees, and the standard for excellence that they make sure every carpet cleaning technician adheres to.

Hard working work ethic

Dependable carpet cleaning pros will show up on time and put in a good effort when working on your carpets.  Well trained carpet techs will have the right tool for the job, and they will know what tools are best for different carpet types (there are a few).

No shortcuts

Cutting corners isn’t always a bad thing, but you’ll know that your home carpet cleaning company has attention to detail if they take the time to do everything right, the first time.  Cleaning spots or carpet pet stain removal is a process, and there’s a “best practices” type method when dealing with just about every carpet cleaning issue.  So when you do things by the book, you can settle into the right routine, every time.  It ends up being more time efficient in the long run, and it means no repeat visits to take care of a mistake or an oversight.

Green cleaning

Modern carpet cleaning companies will generally have all the modern tools on hand.  Current practice advises that carpet cleaning pros avoid heavy chemical cleaners, and lean in favor of cleaners that remove completely or are healthy for the environment.  After all, you have to live with your carpets, and we have found that former cleaning agents were unhealthy for pets, or children, or even adult allergies.  Green carpet cleaning means taking the pollutants out of the carpet, and also not leaving any behind.

Having a plan

A good carpet agency will have a business model for success, based on tried-and-true experiences with customers and businesses.  We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the pack by having a vision for the future.  commercial carpet cleaning and household carpet cleaning are two different arenas, but the best carpet companies will have plans in place to schedule proper cleaning maintenance timelines for both.

If you care about the health and the lifespan of your carpet, its a good idea to put in place a solid schedule for cleaning at least once a year.  Doing this will ensure that your home doesn’t cause any allergies and saves you money by extending the life of your carpet.

How to remove carpet odors

Carpeting is like any other fabric, in that over time it will absorb liquids and vapors from your house.  This, combined with material that gets trapped beneath your carpet, and you can see how smells will build up over time.
So how do you counteract this regular deterioration?  Your regular carpet cleaning service will have a step-by-step process for cleaning smelly carpets.  But there are also plenty of things that a homeowner can do to deal with carpet odors, and here are a few methods.
Spot clean soiled areas.
The first thing to keep in mind, regarding smelly carpet cleaning, is to treat carpet stains as quickly as possible.  The sooner you soak the carpet spot out of the carpet, it will reduce your carpet smells by dealing with the most severe offending areas.  You can dab at the stained smelly spot or stain with a damp sponge or rag, careful not to push dirt further or deeper into the carpet.  The deeper that you force carpet dirt, the harder it will be to remove it, and the easier it will be for that area to develop mold or attract pests.

Baking soda.
You can sprinkle or apply baking soda to the odor area of the carpet that you want to focus on.  Baking soda has the capacity to neutralize smells that are coming from your carpet fibers.  Something else that you can do is apply borax to these areas of the carpet, because it will have similar smell-eliminating properties.
Don’t forget to let it sit, ideally for several hours, before removing the baking soda.  And keep pets or children away from that area until it is clean once again.
If this doesn’t work sufficiently, you can up your game by making a mixture of peroxide and other elements. all of which you can find in a simple search for carpet treatment solutions.

What else can I do?
If none of this helps, you can consider enlisting the help of a carpet cleaning business, like one stop carpet cleaning.  Sometimes deep carpet smells will require a more thorough carpet cleaning, such as with a steam cleaning device or a dry cleaning carpet machine.  Certain carpets will also require certain cleaning methods, based on the type of fiber and the manufacturer’s specifications.
Feel free to call us, if you need some carpet cleaning assistance.

Steam Cleaning Carpets and Rugs

Steam cleaning carpets and rugs
Some carpet damage requires steam cleaning. The same goes for certain rug stain, sometimes it requires rug steam cleaning. How do you know when you need it, or which is appropriate?
One Stop Carpet Cleaning provides both residential and commercial solutions, when it comes to steam carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. You can count on our professionals for courteous and timely service.
Here are a few tips about steam carpet cleaning:

How often should you have your carpets steam cleaned? This depends on a few things. Are you talking about a commercial building, or a residence? How much foot traffic does the carpet get on a daily or weekly basis? What KIND of foot traffic is this, is it adult or children? (Children may have a more dramatic effect on carpets, I think you’ll agree) Do you have any kind of cleaning schedule or carpet maintenance program? Also, what type of carpet do you have? (carpet fibers may require different cleaning agents).

Regardless of the different carpet cleaning factors, a few things generally apply across all carpet cleaning situations. First, its a good idea to have your residential carpets cleaned at least once a year, and twice a year if the carpets are heavily used.
If a commercial or office building, it could be 3 times a year average, and as many as 6 times a year, if its a really busy place.

So the next question to ask is, how do I extend the life of my carpets?

For starters, you might want to include a few different things in your general carpet maintenance program. Steam cleaning or heat cleaning is a good idea, to deal with microscopic carpet pests and other ticks or fleas. Dry cleaning is a good idea to do once a year, because most carpet dirt or soil can be picked up with vacuuming and dry cleaning, at about 90 percent or higher. In fact, vacuuming once a day, minimum, is pretty important to extend the life of your carpets.
If there is a lot of in-and-out traffic, from the outside world into the building, or from dirty environments into carpeted areas, mats on the floor or in entryways are a good idea. and mats can also be cleaned.
Finally, make sure that your carpet professional uses a protectant of some kind, that can be applied to your carpet during or after the carpet cleaning procedure. Carpet protecting agents can be time-release, to help strengthen and protect your carpets over time. Or they can be fast acting, to penetrate the carpet quickly and start working immediately.

What does steam cleaning do?
It helps loosen the fibers, so that the cleaning agents can really get in there and weed out all the deep seated contaminants. It needs to, so that it can neutralize carpet pollutants and also microscopic bugs (and their waste or skin flakes).

That’s all you need to know about steam cleaning carpets in this article. Its an involved carpet procedure, but it really does benefit your carpet in the long run, and taking care of your carpet means taking care of your health; fewer bugs (and other irritants) means fewer allergies and better general well-being.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Who loves comparison shopping? Not everyone. Sometimes it can be challenging to have to investigate multiple businesses, looking for carpet cleaning reviews or searching for “carpet cleaners near me.” Exhausting, that’s what it is. But finding a professional carpet cleaning company doesn’t have to be all hard work and no play. All you need to do is find a carpet cleaning company that shows up on time, who doesn’t disturb your house or your furniture. You don’t want a carpet cleaning service that doesn’t have a professional appearance, and you certainly don’t want one that leaves anything behind; you want a flawless finished product, one that doesn’t leave a trace, and looks as good as new.

One Stop Carpet Cleaning strives to clean your home and leave no trace behind. We use the best in modern cleaning devices and technologies, whether that is dry carpet cleaning or carpet steam cleaning, so that your carpet is enjoyable without the traces of cleaning solutions that the old method would leave residue of. We aim to show up on time, do our work quietly and efficiently. We pride ourselves in professional behavior and consistent delivery.

If you are hiring residential carpet steam cleaning, we’re the team for the job. If you are looking for a commercial carpet cleaning company, we are also experienced in that area, and can help you with your office cleaning needs. Professional carpet cleaning is the name of the game, and our goal at one stop carpet cleaning is to provide consistent carpet cleaning, every time.
In this day and age, professionalism and consistency is pretty important. Our goal is to put you at ease by proving that we are a capable cleaning company, and by making sure that we follow the best standard practices for carpet cleaning in san diego. One Stop carpet cleaning has been in the business for a long time, and every success boils down to the quality service, done consistently. So put our professional carpet cleaning services to the test, and let us know if we can do anything better the next time.  So the next time you think about looking around for “Carpet cleaners near me,” think of One Stop Carpet Cleaning first, and we’ll save you the trouble.

Saving your Carpet From Spots and Stains

How to save your carpet from spots and stains

Dealing with carpet stains is an exercise in vigilance. And saving your carpet from carpet spots requires using the right cleaning agent for the right dirt. So try and stay on top of stains as they happen, and try to keep the right carpet cleaners on hand. There will always be some cleaning situations that require professional carpet cleaning, but here are few examples of cleaning items you might need:

Carpet solvents
Light rags for wiping stains
Carpet cleaners
Mineral spirit
Dry cleaning solvent
Shaving cream, or carbonated water
Baking soda, cornmeal or talcum powder

Now that you have your cleaning agents, the next thing to remember is to move fast. Try and clean a spill or a stain right after it happens. The sooner you pull it from the carpet, the better it will be, and the more success you will have. Do you have a liquid stain? Use a lightweight towel and blot around the stain, working your way inward. Don’t rub, because that spreads the staining liquid.
If, on the other hand, the carpet stain is a dryish spill, use a scraping tool to flip up any residue that you can, and remove it. Then you can focus on the hardened stain.

Some stains will require more careful cleaning. Moisten a cloth with the right kind of cleaning agent. Dab your cloth at the affected area, gently, and start from the outer edge (don’t start in the middle and smear it outward). Use a clean cloth as often as possible. Wipe or dab inward until you reach the center. When you’ve removed all carpet stain that you can, rinse the entire area with water and do the same – blot that moistened area with rags or towels until you have removed as much carpet cleaning agent as you can; you don’t want to leave cleaner in the carpet. Brush the carpet so that the fibers dry straight, and try to keep the area free from foot traffic for a while. You can leave dry towels on top, to pull moisture, or set a fan runningn to circulate air over the drying carpet.
That’s the general rule of thumb for removing carpet spots or minor pet stains. Quick action is the goal, to keep stains from getting deep and needing a deep carpet cleaning. If you don’t feel that your carpet treatment is getting your carpet clean as you would like, call us at One Stop Carpet Cleaning to talk about professional carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning after pets: Cleaning up pet stains

Pets are a regular comfort in the lives of many Americans, however they can prove to be the bane of your existence when it comes to pet carpet stains and damage to flooring.  One of the biggest requests that carpet cleaning services receive it to clean up dog or cat waste, or the accompanying urine stains (and smells) that just don’t seem to go away.

People get stressed in this day and age, and pets can find reasons to become overwhelmed from influences around them in their home environment.  This can lead to acting out behavior or damaging pet waste on your carpets.  So here are some thoughts on the subject of pet stains in the carpet. So, how to get rid of pet stains in carpet?

Pet stain removal suggestions

Have you ever bought pet waste cleaning products from a pet store, only to find that the products take a really long time to work (if at all), and may not even perform exactly as advertised? Worse than that, sometimes when you think that everything is back to normal, the smells or spots can start to reappear, making all of that carpet scrubbing seem like a waste.
This can happen because sometimes carpet stains will travel deep into the carpet fibers, and to really get to the root of the dog carpet stain or cat carpet stain, you need to address that deep-seated stain issue.  But do it without working the stain even deeper into the carpet.
The worst scenario is that even after you might manage to work out most of the stains, you’ll find that you’ve actually driven some of the waste material to the bottom of the carpet.  You won’t smell the remnant of carpet pet urine, but it will remain there and cause bacteria growth, which can lead to other carpet-based health problems.
Not to mention, the acting chemicals within the  carpet cleaning product might remain in the carpet as well, causing both health effects or carpet damage.

Health suggestions for cleaning up pet carpet damage

To avoid this kind of long-term carpet damage from pets, you might want to consider hiring a carpet service that uses a environmentally friendly carpet pet spot cleaner.   There are a few kinds of pet cleaners out there.  Some pet carpet cleaners use a minimum of water or liquid, so that they draw the offending material out of the carpet without soaking the waste or urine into the carpet.
Some are time-release carpet agents, that will take days or weeks to work its way into your carpet and deal with the pet spots on that level.
In addition, most carpet cleaning professionals should have deoderizing agents, things that will really deal with the pet carpet smells.  No point in cleaning the carpet spots if it doesn’t also deal with the carpet smells, am I right?

How to deal with pets and carpet bugs

If you’ve had pets for a long time, you are probably familiar with the common pet ailment, which is the continuous battle with mites or ticks.  Tiny bugs.  And when you think about it, your carpet fibers are kind of like a large flat coat of pet fur, and the pet bugs, ticks, and fleas probably don’t know the difference.
Here’s how you deal with carpet fleas and carpet ticks completely; carpet cleaning companies like One Stop routinely use heat treatment to deal with living critters like bacteria and microscopic pests.  How to get rid of pet stains in carpet, when those stains also involve insects and microscopic organisms?  Heated cleaning methods are designed to raise the temperature of the carpet bedding to ABOVE the tolerable level that these carpet pests can stand.  High enough heat (that shouldn’t damage your carpet) will eradicate ticks and mites, leaving your carpet clean and fresh.
So if you have an issue with carpet pet stains or carpet bugs, call One Stop Carpet Cleaning.  How to get rid of pet stains in carpet no longer needs to be a source of frustration. We’ll give you a great estimate on pet stain removal and pet odor solutions.