Why is carpet cleaning important?

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “my carpet looks fine, and it cleans up ok. I don’t need to find a carpet cleaner near me.”  But what you can’t see is that your carpet slowly becomes saturated with all the effects of life; the detritus from everyday activity and the environment around your house.  Dirt, dust, bacteria, moisture, and things like skin flakes from humans, pets, and pests.
Why is simple vacuuming not 100% effective, to deal with these dirt issues?  Read on for a few reasons why.

You’ll Save Money
There’s no free lunch, and the same goes for carpets.  If you leave clothing dirty and unwashed it will deteriorate faster.  The same goes for carpets; all that grime buildup can harm the lifespan of the carpet fibers, and cleaning with both remove that and strengthen the carpet. (a good carpet cleaner may often use a protectant, after cleaning)
Also, some new carpet companies now offer carpet warranties or carpet guarantees, contingent on the regular cleaning of those carpets (like once a year).

Keep It Looking New
Vacuuming is important, and doing it once per day is actually pretty important when it comes to regular carpet care.  Doing so is the first step in extending the life of your carpet, and a good vacuum will remove the vast majority of dry dust and debris.
However, this isn’t sufficient to get all the way down to the bottom of the carpet, and you will still need to wash it, essentially, to get that fresh new carpet smell and look.

The Smell of Your Carpet Will Improve
Do you have pets?  Easy answer then, you already appreciate this reason.  Odors get trapped in paint (like in a smoker’s house), and also in carpet fibers.  Vacuuming won’t help with this issue, so to remove pet or human smells from carpet, you will want to consider deep carpet cleaning or having your carpets steam cleaned.  And maybe more than cleaning once a year, depending on the size and quantity of your pets.

Reduce the Risk of Allergens
The more dirt you have, the more things will feed of that dirt.  Pests, mites, bugs, bacteria and other microorganisms live everywhere, but less so if there’s nothing to feed on.  Reducing the amount of dirt in your dirty carpets will cut down on pests.  Also, pests shed skin and other particles, which can become airborne because they are so light.   This will have a poor effect on someone’s health, because breathing in this material can worsen some peoples’ allergies.  SO not only will you improve your carpet health, you will improve your own health, and save money on health products as well.

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