Saving your Carpet From Spots and Stains

How to save your carpet from spots and stains

Dealing with carpet stains is an exercise in vigilance. And saving your carpet from carpet spots requires using the right cleaning agent for the right dirt. So try and stay on top of stains as they happen, and try to keep the right carpet cleaners on hand. There will always be some cleaning situations that require professional carpet cleaning, but here are few examples of cleaning items you might need:

Carpet solvents
Light rags for wiping stains
Carpet cleaners
Mineral spirit
Dry cleaning solvent
Shaving cream, or carbonated water
Baking soda, cornmeal or talcum powder

Now that you have your cleaning agents, the next thing to remember is to move fast. Try and clean a spill or a stain right after it happens. The sooner you pull it from the carpet, the better it will be, and the more success you will have. Do you have a liquid stain? Use a lightweight towel and blot around the stain, working your way inward. Don’t rub, because that spreads the staining liquid.
If, on the other hand, the carpet stain is a dryish spill, use a scraping tool to flip up any residue that you can, and remove it. Then you can focus on the hardened stain.

Some stains will require more careful cleaning. Moisten a cloth with the right kind of cleaning agent. Dab your cloth at the affected area, gently, and start from the outer edge (don’t start in the middle and smear it outward). Use a clean cloth as often as possible. Wipe or dab inward until you reach the center. When you’ve removed all carpet stain that you can, rinse the entire area with water and do the same – blot that moistened area with rags or towels until you have removed as much carpet cleaning agent as you can; you don’t want to leave cleaner in the carpet. Brush the carpet so that the fibers dry straight, and try to keep the area free from foot traffic for a while. You can leave dry towels on top, to pull moisture, or set a fan runningn to circulate air over the drying carpet.
That’s the general rule of thumb for removing carpet spots or minor pet stains. Quick action is the goal, to keep stains from getting deep and needing a deep carpet cleaning. If you don’t feel that your carpet treatment is getting your carpet clean as you would like, call us at One Stop Carpet Cleaning to talk about professional carpet cleaning.