Carpet Cleaning after pets: Cleaning up pet stains

Pets are a regular comfort in the lives of many Americans, however they can prove to be the bane of your existence when it comes to pet carpet stains and damage to flooring.  One of the biggest requests that carpet cleaning services receive it to clean up dog or cat waste, or the accompanying urine stains (and smells) that just don’t seem to go away.

People get stressed in this day and age, and pets can find reasons to become overwhelmed from influences around them in their home environment.  This can lead to acting out behavior or damaging pet waste on your carpets.  So here are some thoughts on the subject of pet stains in the carpet. So, how to get rid of pet stains in carpet?

Pet stain removal suggestions

Have you ever bought pet waste cleaning products from a pet store, only to find that the products take a really long time to work (if at all), and may not even perform exactly as advertised? Worse than that, sometimes when you think that everything is back to normal, the smells or spots can start to reappear, making all of that carpet scrubbing seem like a waste.
This can happen because sometimes carpet stains will travel deep into the carpet fibers, and to really get to the root of the dog carpet stain or cat carpet stain, you need to address that deep-seated stain issue.  But do it without working the stain even deeper into the carpet.
The worst scenario is that even after you might manage to work out most of the stains, you’ll find that you’ve actually driven some of the waste material to the bottom of the carpet.  You won’t smell the remnant of carpet pet urine, but it will remain there and cause bacteria growth, which can lead to other carpet-based health problems.
Not to mention, the acting chemicals within the  carpet cleaning product might remain in the carpet as well, causing both health effects or carpet damage.

Health suggestions for cleaning up pet carpet damage

To avoid this kind of long-term carpet damage from pets, you might want to consider hiring a carpet service that uses a environmentally friendly carpet pet spot cleaner.   There are a few kinds of pet cleaners out there.  Some pet carpet cleaners use a minimum of water or liquid, so that they draw the offending material out of the carpet without soaking the waste or urine into the carpet.
Some are time-release carpet agents, that will take days or weeks to work its way into your carpet and deal with the pet spots on that level.
In addition, most carpet cleaning professionals should have deoderizing agents, things that will really deal with the pet carpet smells.  No point in cleaning the carpet spots if it doesn’t also deal with the carpet smells, am I right?

How to deal with pets and carpet bugs

If you’ve had pets for a long time, you are probably familiar with the common pet ailment, which is the continuous battle with mites or ticks.  Tiny bugs.  And when you think about it, your carpet fibers are kind of like a large flat coat of pet fur, and the pet bugs, ticks, and fleas probably don’t know the difference.
Here’s how you deal with carpet fleas and carpet ticks completely; carpet cleaning companies like One Stop routinely use heat treatment to deal with living critters like bacteria and microscopic pests.  How to get rid of pet stains in carpet, when those stains also involve insects and microscopic organisms?  Heated cleaning methods are designed to raise the temperature of the carpet bedding to ABOVE the tolerable level that these carpet pests can stand.  High enough heat (that shouldn’t damage your carpet) will eradicate ticks and mites, leaving your carpet clean and fresh.
So if you have an issue with carpet pet stains or carpet bugs, call One Stop Carpet Cleaning.  How to get rid of pet stains in carpet no longer needs to be a source of frustration. We’ll give you a great estimate on pet stain removal and pet odor solutions.