Don’t Make These Carpet Care Mistakes

Tis the season…….to take care of your carpet.  Some months bring more weather and temperature changes, which means additional dirt for your carpets to endure.  So now is the time to step up your carpet cleaning attention, not “slack off”, as nice as that would be.  If its possible, as you deal with family and friends, try and keep these carpet cleaning tips in mind:

Not having a carpet maintenance program.

This usually goes for corporate facilities or businesses – commercial carpets – but a homeowner can appreciate the same carpet cleaning principles.  If you don’t have a forward-thinking maintenance program, your carpet will absorb dirt and age faster than you would like it to.
Here are a few carpet cleaning types to consider:
Deep extraction
Carpet spotting, or carpet spot cleaning
Pet carpet cleaning
Low moisture cleaning

Not paying attention to the manufacturer specifics

The specifics of the carpet, and/or its installation, will have a significant effect on how a carpet cleaning company is going to approach your carpet.  How a carpet is build or designed, and what the carpet fibers are like, will affect how it an be cleaned.

Don’t void the warranty

If you don’t pay attention to the manufacturer’s requirements on carpet cleaning schedules or carpet cleaning methods, you might void the warranty.

Not paying attention to the products you’re using on the carpet

Make sure you spot test a product, like testing it in an out-of-the-way place, to make sure it doesn’t have an adverse effect on your carpet; you don’t want to damage a really obvious location of carpet.  Also, make sure the product your carpet spot cleaning services company is using doesn’t damage your carpet; they should know your carpet’s PH level and other things before they begin cleaning your carpet.

IF you have any questions about to-do tips, you can call us anytime, or email our website.  We’ll be happy to give you an estimate for future carpet cleaning work.  No need to search for “Carpet Cleaners near me”, because we will strive to be the best carpet cleaning experience that you have.