Top 10 reasons to get your carpets cleaned every year

If you have a busy household, with people always on the go, chances are that your carpets are going to see some use. And in the same way a lawn that sees heavy foot traffic needs aeration, a carpet that sees a lot of foot traffic needs to get a professional carpet cleaning every year. So here are the top 10 reasons:
1. It makes your carpets clean, and they’ll feel fresh and new. First and foremost. That’s the basic goal of any carpet service.

2. It makes carpets easier to take care of. The majority of your carpet dirt is going to be dry dirt, not moist contaminants. So if you get a deep carpet cleaning, regular vacuuming will take are of the light dry stuff.

1. It will prolong the life of your carpet. Periodic carpet cleaning pulls mold and mildew material out of the carpet, saving it from decay. This will extend the useful life, because you won’t have to replace it as soon as you would a deteriorating carpet.

2. It will protect indoor air quality. Your carpet is one of your home’s main air filters, believe it or not. So if your carpet is clean, it will have the ability to suck more contaminants out of the room atmosphere.

3. It improvevs the look of any room. Just like having nice shoes speaks well of the wearer, if you get your carpets professionally cleaned, it will really make a room look nicer.

4. It will help the carpet’s warranty. If you look up carpet cleaners near me, and ask about modern carpet installation, they will probably tell you that modern carpets require yearly cleaning to maintain the warranty. So professional carpet cleaning helps you in a few ways.

5. It removes spots and stains. And that saves your carpets from damage. A deep carpet cleaning will pull imbedded stains (like reoccurring stains that come back after cleaning) out of your rugs, keeping that area from from turning that spot into a damaged area.

6. It prevents the buildup of bacteria, pests, and other allergens. Dirty carpets contribute to the growth of pests, and carpet cleaning services have tools that will eliminate those pests as well as removing the waste or detritus that they leave behind. And this will help protect you from airborne allergens.

7. Commerical carpets? It can improve worker morale. Nobody wants to work in a dirty environment, and working in an workspace that suddenly looks like it has new carpets (as well as the smell, which has a positive effect on attitude) will help workers.

9. It will keep you from getting sick as often. Dirty air, and dirty carpets, can contribute to allergens and airborne illnesses, working against your immune system. Get a deep carpet cleaning once in a while, to deal with mold and bugs, and you will remove health risks from your home.

10. It will save you money. If you follow all these tips, you will improve your health, and save money on last-minute carpet services, and your carpet will last longer. So give us a call at One Stop Carpet Cleaning, or contact us through, to get an estimate.