Carpet cleaning tips for longer lasting carpet

Carpet cleaning tips for longer lasting carpet:

What are some good tips, for making your carpets last a long time? Here are a few easy suggestions, to give your carpet cleaning a boost:

Make sure your vacuum is at the right height

Have you ever heard that your lawnmower needs to be at the right height? Well, so does your vac. If you set it too low, you will actually cause extra wear to the vacuum rollers, and you’ll cause extra wear to the carpet fibers (friction, heat, etc). If you set it too high, you won’t get enough suction or pick up any dirt. To find the vacuum’s ideal height, raise it to its highest setting, turn it on and lower the setting until you can feel the vacuum trying to tug itself forward as you begin to vacuum the rug.

See, the thing is, having a dirty carpet wears your carpet down, over the long term. Putting off having your carpets cleaned actually harms them over time, because when there is dirt in your carpet, footsteps grind that dirt into the fibers, causing damage. So it behooves a homeowner to ask “are there carpet cleaners near me?” Because the alternative –NOT having your carpets deep cleaned –can end up being more costly.

Vacuum a lot

Ok, not a LOT, but often. To protect your carpet, vacuum entrance areas and heavily trodden areas twice a week and the rest of the carpeting at least weekly. No need to hire professional carpet cleaning companies for this task; grimy soil attracts more grimy buildup, and simply vacuuming frequently will reduce dirt buildup.

Vacuum at the right speed

Vacuum just like you mow your lawn, regularly and consistently, not speedily and haphazard.  If your vacuum is sucking dirt at a certain speed, logic says that if you move faster than that speed can handle, you will miss areas.  So slow down.  Take the scenic route.

Beware of “cheap” carpet cleaning services

Everyone wants affordable carpet cleaning, but remember, discount businesses focus on making a lot of sales rather than putting the time into cultivating lasting relationships with customers. They might cut costs by spraying soap onto your carpets and sucking it up, leaving filmy residue behind for you to have to deal with.  Those cheap prices might just be so that they can try to upsell you to costly services you don’t need.

Clean the carpet before it becomes really dirty

How often do you clean your carpet? If the answer is “never” you might want to rethink your cleaning budget. A good rule of thumb is when your carpet starts looking dull, that’s probably time to schedule a carpet cleaning. Waiting until the carpet is filthy is probably too late to call a pet carpet cleaner, because by that point it will be much more expensive to clean.

Vacuum before and after cleaning

Sounds redundant. But its actually a good idea. Before you have your carpet cleaning business come in, give the rugs a basic once-over with the vacuum. This will remove top level debris. Afterward, when the carpets have dried, you can give the carpets a second vacuum. This will ensure that any dried dirt will be cleaned up, not left to rehydrate and sink back into the carpet.

Get rid of the furniture

If you’re going to have your carpets cleaned, it can’t be done with all the chairs and tables in the way. So make sure to have a plan to move furniture (or at least elevate it out of the way) before you bring in the carpet cleaning business.

Final tip – act quickly

The sooner the better. Chances are, if you can get to a spot or stain within seconds, you can probably remove it most of the way, if not all the way. Staining carpet fibers is a chemical process (acidic foods, for example), and attacking the stained area quickly doesn’t let the spill start that process. If nothing else, do the best you can to save the pet carpet cleaner from taking extra time (and extra cost).
That’s all the tips we have for now. Stay tuned for more advice you can put to use yourself, and more suggestions about how to hire a carpet cleaning service the smart way.